Tested: Kinetic Road Machine Smart and Kinetic Fit App (Bicycling)

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I share a lot of opinions that are popular among the bike-inclined. Going fast? Hell yes. Caps? Essential. Climbing? Rough, but rewarding. However, I usually lose people when I admit that I don’t really hate indoor training. I used to: When you bring the bike inside, I thought, you inevitably lose a sense of purpose. How could all those monotonous indoor miles, lacking real-world conditions, possibly help you train for crankin’ it outdoors?

Using the Kinetic Road Machine Smart over the past few months helped me rediscover motivation during trainer rides, largely because of one essential feature: power. Plenty of bike trainers have power, and plenty of power-equipped cranks and hubs can be used indoors, but at $409, the Road MachineSmart —with its Bluetooth Smart-syncing inRide sensor and Kinetic Fit app—make up one of the most affordable power-equipped trainer packages on the market that we know of.

Read the full review at Bicycling.com.

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