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I am a journalist committed to covering the tension between and synthesis of society and the natural world. Passion for outdoor recreation and concern for wildlife together drive me to explore both the consequences of human activity on the environment, as well as how people are working to save it.

These motivations most recently manifested in a staff writer position with, a New York Times company, where I report on and test outdoor gear to find the best accessible (and environmentally responsible) options for most people. Recreationists equipped with the proper gear for their intended adventures are more likely to enjoy their experiences and become ‘repeat enthusiasts;’ I believe that indirectly stimulating people’s positive experiences outside is the most efficient way to encourage an enjoyment of—and hopefully a selfless appreciation for—Nature in today’s society.

Prior to testing gear for Wirecutter, I cultivated media that incentivized sustainable outdoor activity as an editor for; wrote and produced articles that spoke to a comprehensive outdoor lifestyle as an editorial assistant for Outside and; and reported out feature investigations into ecological problems as a science reporting intern for QUEST Science, a national PBS sustainability journalism project.

Reach me by email: h dot rs dot weinberger at gmail dot com.